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Media Disruption

It's everywhere. In every industry, in every part of life. The devices, algorithms and technologies that affect almost every corner of our lives have changed the way we interact with businesses and altered our expectations of how they communicate and make their services available to us.

Traditional media - TV, radio and print - are responding to the disruption with varying degrees of urgency and effectiveness.

Here in Australia, television responded slowly until Netflix hit our shores. We've been trying to catch up ever since. 

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

The traditional media model of pure advertising funded services is dead. Or at least it's terminal. Unless you're Google or Facebook.

Countless words and articles have been devoted to the effect the digital duopoly of Google and Facebook are having on advertising revenue for all other media. Depending on whose numbers you believe, somewhere between 85% and 100% new digital ad revenue is going to Google/Facebook.

It's actually worse than that. According to both numbers out of the US and Australia, the duopoly is now also cannibalising existing digital budgets, taking not just the growth but also the .

And it's not just digital - they're also going after TV. With scaled video offerings and data-led targeting capabilities, they position themselves as alternatives to the broadcast TV. 

Diversify or Die  

So what does the rest of media do? How does traditional media disrupt itself to survive? 
The answer is many things, however, at the core there are two fundamentals:

1. Put digital experiences at the core of business and customer experience.
2. Diversify revenue sources.

There are many touch points that need to be managed to transform a media business including business models, technology and platforms, design & user experience and data strategy.

Join me to explore developments in all of these media here.

Business models

As analogue dollars convert to digital cents and Google & Facebook suck up the cents, traditional media is responding in various ways. The successful ones are diversifying their revenue sources. 


Creating new customer experiences, business efficiencies and revenue streams without demolishing the exisiting ones. The tech & platforms that media businesses are trying and discarding.

design & ux

Building the digital experiences that make consuming content and 

data strategy

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